Ireland beyond Brexit

16 Mars 2018

Dans le cadre du cours English Conference proposé en LE2, l'UFR SJEPG accueille une conférencière extérieure, Marie-Claire Considère Charon, professeur émérite des universités.

Image d'illustration conférence
Ludovic Godard

Cette conférence en anglais intitulée « Ireland beyond Brexit: The implications on the Irish economy and the Irish border » est ouverte à tous.

Résumé : The implications of Brexit for Ireland are more profound than they are for any other Member State. Brexit gives rise to a series of complex and interconnected questions, affecting UK-Irish relations, Northern Ireland,and North-South relations on the island of Ireland. It poses a major risk to the Irish economy whose sectors such as agri-food and manufactured goods, are highly dependent on the UK for trade, and therefore vulnerable.

The ambiguities of Britain's position as regards the type of scenario which will eventually come out of the EU-UK lengthy negociations have fuelled many doubts and anxieties in Ireland which is being pushed into « unchartered waters ».


De 11 h à 12 h 30.


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