The Black-Hole/Qubit Correspondence

13 Avril 2017

Péter Lévay, de l'université de technologie et d’économie de Budapest, abordera des relations qui ont été récemment mises en évidence entre deux champs disciplinaires apparemment indépendants. Ce séminaire en anglais est organisé par l'institut UTINAM.

Observatoire de Besançon
Nelly Botella

Recently striking multiple relations have been discovered between two seemingly unrelated fields. One of them is black hole solutions in string theory and the other is entanglement classification in quantum information. Though the physical reason for this correspondence is yet to be clarified, it can successfully be used for establishing new results within one of these fields by using the methods of the other. In this talk we will give an introduction to the main ideas of this correspondence.


14 h


Institut UTINAM


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